Stop loafing around!

we are on a quest to find the best store-bought G-free Loaf of bread.

Our first buy was Ener-G White Rice Loaf

While I prepared Our Grilled cheese sandwiches,

Lilah Prepared a loaf of her own!

After a few test runs we found that eating Ener-G White Rice Loaf straight out of the bag, is a no-go! It is a weird crumbly consistency that kinda powders in your mouth.

But we also found that it is delicious when grilled, or toasted! in fact I could not notice any difference from regular flour grilled or toasted bread.

Our search will continue to cut the crust and find the best loaf! To be continued….


7 thoughts on “Stop loafing around!

  1. glutenvygirl says:

    We LOVE Udi’s bread! You might try that. As far as bread mixes, King Arthur Flour makes a wonderful GF mix, processed in a dedicated facility and certified GF. It is pricey, but tastes amazing.
    Good luck in your searching!

  2. I have only heard good things about Udi! we will definately try to try it next. do you know if the King arthur flour is specifically for a bread maker? because all of the G-free mixes i have found are for the bread maker, and i would like to bake it in the oven!

    • Glutenvygirl says:

      King Arthur GF bread mixes are specifically for the oven. They even off lee a taller bread pan, to give GF bread more support.
      That said, I always through the mix in my bread machine! 😉
      The one down side, like I mentioned, is the cost. I usually wait til they are offering a 10% discount or something, and order a dozen of them. You can find them at Whole Foods and places like that.
      Good luck! 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Canyon Bakehouse! Love it. Hands down the best one yet. I have not seen the white bread but the San Juan 7 Grain and Cinnamon Raison are excellent. No need to toast! Freezes well and if you like it toasted works well that way too.

    • Sarah says:


    • Thanks! i definately want to try all of these suggestions! i had boughten one a bit ago that is Rudi’s brand, so that will be my next review! i havent seen that brand in my stores, but i will see if i can order it online! thank you!

    • tina says:

      I just ordered my first loaf of canyon bakehouse white bread.. I had the best sandwich ever.. No need to toast.. it was perfect and doesnt crumble. Now if i can just get someplace locally to order it so i don’t have to pay shipping

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