Blue Felt Shoes <3

I saw a tutorial on how to sew some felt baby shoes, and i thought, that’s awesome! -But i dont know how to sew.

So i decided to make my own no-sew felt sandles using a couple of things i had lying around the house.

I Used Cardboard for the soles, Felt for the body, some chubby yarn to decorate and use as the back strap,  velcro to secure the strap, and some hot-glue! (and i dotted extra glue on the bottoms to slip resistence!)

all-in-all it took me about an hour to whip these little cuties together.

i used blue and tan because it matches Lilah’s new sun dress!

she is pretty much ready to hit the beach in her new sandles!

Lets hit the waves!






Little Bear Explores Nature! (and Bread Review)

We packed up our fishing poles, pic-nik blanket, sandwhiches, and Enjoyed a sunny-day by the river!

I Pre-baked  some of  “Gluten-Free Pantry’s Favorite Sandwhich Bread”

And i have to say it is the best bread we have tried thus far!

Lilah loved the bread, but the cheese is her favorite part of Ham&Cheese!

Serenading the wild-life!!

We Learned all about the forest!

Over-all we had a great time Exploring nature!

Recipe Review! Pamela’s cookies!


Today we made Pamela’s Chocolate Chip Cookies!

( Made with Pamela’s Baking and pancake mix)

The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cup chocolate chips, but we used 1 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 M&M’s.

(Recipe is on the mix package)

They were much better than Pamela’s brownies!


Lilah’s cousin Turner came over and helped bake them! and of course he helped munch on them too!

over-all they were easy, fast and tasty!


Valentines ~Jar of Hearts~

Here is a fun and yummy valentines treat!

I made this for a few friends yesterday and they loved them!

The Heart Cakes are made with Pillsbury’s Funfetti Cake (CONTAINS GLUTEN),

Then Cut into heart shapes and frosted with my home-made marshmallow frosting.

Lilah was sleepy, but awake enough to play with some felt hearts!

Happy Valentines-Preping from Lilah and I!!

Thursday’s Chocolate Torte-ous – Recipe

Today Lilah and I made and enjoyed our Gluten free Chocolate Torte =)

And here it is!

I am by no means a good cook, or a great baker.

However when it comes to my Torte, I have to toot my horn a little *Toot toot!*

it was rich and delicious!

Lilah was a little afraid of it for some reason, but once she had it in her mouth she loved it!


Make your own Chocolate Torte-ous!


1 1/2 Cups Ground Almonds

1/2  Cup Milk Chocolate Chips

1 Swiss Miss Chocolate pudding cup

4 Large eggs

1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar




Preheat oven to 350*

You can buy ground almond meal  *or make your own* I made mine by blending whole almonds.

Crush chocolate chips and add them to almonds in a large bowl.

add sugar and pudding cup as well.

crack eggs and separate whites and yolks into separate bowls.

add yolks to almond mixture in bowl and mix everything together well. (should come out to a brownie consistency)

Whisk egg whites until they are bubbly and foamy, then add to the mix, and stir in well.

pour mix into a greased or non-stick 8-inch square baking pan.

Bake for 30 min -or until fully baked, poke with a toothpick to be sure.

let cool, and enjoy!!


A Moment in time…..

Although my posts have been about being gluten-free,  I am also a photographer, And i would like to share the shoot that i had today with you.

The theme was “He’s Back!”

Jillian waited for the train to arrive…..

He has arrived!!

The long-awaited…..

“Distance is to love like wind is to fire…it extinguishes the small and  kindles the great!”

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Snow is falling!

Today was the first snow of the winter! and that means cuddling up, grabbing a book and sipping on some hot cocoa! Which leads us to the best G-free hot cocoa mix (and best in general.) Swiss miss!

When its cold and icy out there is nothing like de-frosting with a cup of hot cocoa.

We had fun making snow balls and eating marshmallows!

But its a bit too chilly for little bears to come outside!

So she enjoyed her marshmallows at a nice warm distance!

we are looking forward to sledding, snow ball fights and gluten-free winter goodies!


There are not very many cereals that are naturally Gluten free, and the ones that are made to be gluten-free are expensive!

Our family’s favorite cereal just happens to be naturally gluten-free, cheap, and delicious!

Although it doesn’t have much nutritional value per say,  it is defiantly a fan favorite!

Malt-O-Meal’s Fruity Dino Bites


Any kid is guaranteed to love them!


I know mine does!


Thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Lilah has been feeling terrible today and of course, I have been feeling terrible that I just can’t make her feel better. unfortunately I cant cure an ear infection, but I can cure a sweet tooth!

So today she tried Pamela’s G-free Mini chocolate chip cookies


She loved them! The vote was unanimous! We loved Pamela’s cookies! These cookie were better than any Chips Ahoy! cookies i have had, and the best part is they are gluten-free!

They make for a great grab-and-go snack!


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Stop loafing around!

we are on a quest to find the best store-bought G-free Loaf of bread.

Our first buy was Ener-G White Rice Loaf

While I prepared Our Grilled cheese sandwiches,

Lilah Prepared a loaf of her own!

After a few test runs we found that eating Ener-G White Rice Loaf straight out of the bag, is a no-go! It is a weird crumbly consistency that kinda powders in your mouth.

But we also found that it is delicious when grilled, or toasted! in fact I could not notice any difference from regular flour grilled or toasted bread.

Our search will continue to cut the crust and find the best loaf! To be continued….